Tree Services

Pruning of height, cutting, forestry work, removal of trees

Tree pruning

Types and options of pruning we offer:

  • Pruning of dry branches
  • Pruning of dangerous branches
  • Stylized trimming
  • Clearing out
  • Coverage reduction
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Pruning consists of cutting, guiding or limiting of the tree’s growth. Optimize resources and controlling tree growth.

It is important to decide on the proper type and options of pruning. It is critical to take into account not only the age, type of tree, and the time of year, but also it is crucial to observe and read the tree itself to know it’s necessities. We try to reach a equilibrium between the needs of the tree and the client.

To access the tree we use techniques standardized by international organizations like the EAC (European Arboricultural Council), AEA (Asociacion Espanola de Arboricultura), ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), and the NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council). These techniques permit us to access the tree without damaging it, or using any type of mechanized elevator or crane. This way we are able to reduce costs and guarantee that we can access any point on the tree.

Our solutions are thanks to roping and offer a safe, neat, quick worksite, and most importantly we are able to respect the biology and structure of the tree.

Tree Removal

Services we offer:

  • Controlled cutting down of trees
  • Felling trees in a small space
  • Controlled cutting fallen or dangerous trees
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Traditional trimming of trees consists in the the cutting of low branches. This way when we cut larger branches higher up on the tree we don’t damage the tree in the fall. This way we can direct the fall of branches.

Using the same technique together with special cuts using cords and cables we can fell trees in small spaces.

Thanks to our expertise in the techniques of Tree Rigging we offer all types of services related to felling trees: we can access anything, we can manage the entire process of cutting, and clean up of a industrial forestry site.

Forestry work in private forests and industrial forests

Nus Solucions in order to protect, maintain and enjoy the forests, perform the following services:

  • Clearing and maintenance of undergrowth
  • Opening and maintenance of trails
  • Clearing and maintenance of fire blocks
  • Forest exploitation
  • Clearing of select plant and tree species
  • Maintenance of electric lines
  • Maintenance of and cleaning Talussos
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The use and exploitation of forest resources is as old as human society itself. In the beginning the motivation for most working in the forests was subsistence: food, firewood, and construction material.  Today while forestry remains an important industry it is rather unknown to the general public.

Forests are still important resources for exploitation. As long as we understand our responsibility to stabilize, replant, manage and protect our forests we can profit form the products that come from them. There are three principle activities: planting, maintenance, and exploitation.

Other Services

Other services that may interest you:

  • Tree planting
  • Firewood Sale
  • Assessment and maintenance