Treballs Verticals

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Building and construction

Some services that we offer:

  • masonry: crack repair, balcony repair, dilation joints…
  • painting: facades, structures, outdoors…
  • no pest: anti-pigeon systems (nets, spikes…)
  • tubes: installation and removal of extraction tubes (fumes and downspouts)
  • wiping: windows, facades cleaning …
  • inspection: structures, outsides and buildings inspection and maintenance
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Rope accesare techniques used to work at height, based on the use of ropes, anchoring and progression devices to have access to different kinds of objects and constructions. The use of this rope acces techniques is recommended for tasks where the traditional mounting systems as scaffoldings are unhandy and difficult, very expensive and risky for neighbors and pedestrians.

Nus Solucions, from inside the construction and building sector, offers all kind off services in facades rehabilitation, budgeting without engagement using the best material available, and giving solutions to our clients, with professionalism and safety, accomplished after years of experience and the best degrees world wide of rope access (IRATA, Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)

Mounting of modular structures and Rigging:

The 2 services that we offer in general within this sector are:

  • modular structures mounting for shows and events.
  • mounting and execution of Rigging systems for shows and events.
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There are projects and events that needs short-lived or fixtures structures for its fulfillment.

At Nus Solucions we design, organize and mount structures that fit the needs of our clients, working with different materials and solving mounting problems, as related to the height and dimensions of the structures.

Our favorite system is the modular mounting system of metallic structures (Layher), which fulfills specifically all stringent rules of quality and safety, as well as the industrial and events requests.

Is a mounting system of 360º that allows building any kind of form and structure designed with the highest security guarantees.