Our team unifies a wealth of experience of work at height and a passion for the forestry and forest maintenance.

Thanks to this symbiosis we are capable of completing dangerous and complex tasks. We can do all types of work, no matter the difficulty of access.

Tree ServiceRope Acces
Members of our specialized team come from two principle sectors: forestry and forest maintenance, and work at height. Our passion for our work is the meeting point for our team.

We do both large and small contracts, specializing in work that is challenged by difficult and complex access issues. We are trained in: Rope Access, Rigging, and Tree-Rigging. We do forestry and industrial work in Catalunya, Spain, and France.

All of our work follows international risk management and worker safety standards for work at height (IRATA). We are insured against civil suit up to 300,000 Euros. This way we can offer the best assessment, project planning, and quality guarantee.